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Message No. 794
Author: earl hainline
Subject: planes&crews
Date: Tue Jul 3, 2007 10:57

to try to answer some of your questions,first there were more crews than planes,from what i have been told by others from the 90th,you were not really assigned one aircraft,when new crews or aircraft were sent in they became part of a pool.also due to losses or aircraft needing repairyour crew could be assigned a different plane.....sometimes from one of the other squadrons!
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  • can anyone explainjff, Sun Jul 1 06:59
    Why so many planes had the same name??? A lack of names?? Of course I know the serial? numbers are different. Example: my dad flew on DOUBLE TROUBLE in WW2 in the New Guinea area. They had a poster... more
    • planes&crews — earl hainline, Tue Jul 3 10:57
      • planes and crewsJohn H Faulkner, Sat Jul 7 18:55
        Earl , send me an e-mail so that I can go direct to you. ou seem to be the only one that I have read an e-mail from that seems to know how things were in the jolly rogers, I was there in 1943 and... more
        • FatherPaul Gallagher, Sun Jul 8 08:57
          Mr Faulkner Sir My father, John Gallagher was with the 390th in roughly April 1945. I have his serivce record{The Federal Record center did not even have that}. But I have not been able to find out... more
        • happy too!earl hainline, Sun Jul 8 08:06
          my e-mail address is jayhain@yahoo.com,wiley woods has been my greatess help and tom fetters.i have talked to both these fine gentlemen ,they have helped me a great deal.....i have for the last... more
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