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Message No. 792
Author: jff
Subject: Richard Bong tidbit
Date: Sun Jul 1, 2007 07:21

As my dad grew older, he put photos of WW2 on the walls so he would not lose them (or accidentally throw them out while cleaning the attic). One was of Major Richard Bong, WW2 flying ace. My fiance at the time was an airline pilot and history buff. My dad was in his glory over having a pilot in the family someday. Someone who knew planes, common interests etc. Well, the first day my fiance met my parents...he was looking at the photos and almost fainted. LOL. J asked my dad how he knew MAJOR BONG, the local WI/MINN hero!!! Fiance was from Duluth. My dad said, Oh "Dick" Bong. Years later, J told everybody at the Bong museum in WI that his future father-in-law knew Major Bong.
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