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Subject: howard golden
Date: Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:45

i have talked some in the past to you,it's good to hear from you again!maybe you can help me as well.....your wife can optain her father'sIDPF (individual deceased personnel file)go to the following..... http://www.vhfcn.org/FCC%20Resources.htm#_Toc82645591 this will tell you how and where to get the records,as i am not a family member of any of the crew ,it's almost impossible for me to get any pertainent info from the goverment.as to his capture and execution and what happened to his remains.....i think if you can find bits and peices from mortuary affairs ,the "rundle file"(he found crashsite and did interveiws),and with afford mention IDPF.he was more than likely killed a short ditance from the 6th flying div.HQ(i don't know wether that was at one of the three airbases(hollandia,sentani,cyclops aerodromes)or wewak,or hollandia(now jayapura).does your wife remember earl butterfield.....as from some records that are keptat the 90th 's history in tennesse(see wiley woods or jason dilworth{group historians})thatsay that mr butterfield trained and knew her father as well as her mother virginna,if he is still around he might be able to help too. did you get the pitures i sent a whie ago of her dad? please keep in touch.......earl(i am the one that was affter info as my best friend great uncle was ssg minnich,one of your father's gunners
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  • Yankee Doodle DandyRobin Johnson, Fri Jun 15 11:13
    Please let me know what you find out. My wife's father was the pilot of the plane, Lt. Howard Golden.
    • howard golden — earl hainline, Sat Jun 16 11:45
      • Howard GoldenRobin Johnson, Fri Jun 29 14:36
        Thank you fo rthe information on Howard Golden and Earl Butterfield. We did get the pictures you were so kind to send. Ruth Noble Golden says she went to Idaho (perhaps Montana) with her mother,... more
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