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Message No. 778
Author: TSgt Paul Bobenmoyer
Subject: 319th/90th Memorabilia
Date: Sat Apr 28, 2007 19:27

To whom it may concern

My name is TSgt Paul Bobenmoyer. I am in the 319th “Jolly Rogers” here at FE Warren AFB. We are currently a missile squadron now, which you may already know. I am a Facility manager at one of the squadrons Missile Alerts Facilities (MAF’s), and I am trying to do some Aircraft History here at the MAF. I found your website searching for 90th history I love the pictures that are on your site especially of the 319th Planes. I would really love to be able to get some photos to hang up on the history wall I am making for the MAF.

If at all possible that I could acquire some photos/memorabilia for this project or if you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. One of my supervisors MSgt Greg LLoyd was trying to do the same with this, and since he is retiring now I want to pick up where he left off. One of his ideas which I really want to pursue is to pick 5 decorated or lost planes fromt he 319th and have all 5 missile sites that belong to the 319th now adopt that plane for their sacrifices.

If anyone can help please contact me. Thank you for your time and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

TSgt Paul Bobenmoyer

T56 Engines/C130's
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    • decorated planeearl hainline, Thu Jun 14 07:36
      i have for the past several years been doing research for a friend whose great uncle was killed ,while a crewmember of b-24,42-40077,319th,90th.i would love to share any and all pics i have including ... more
      • YANKEE DOODLE DANDYHarold Lincoln, Fri Aug 17 21:12
        Hi Earl, I would love to share some pictures of the YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. My father was one of the original members and waist gunner of the YANKEE. I have some photos when the YANKEE DOODLE DANDY fist ... more
    • 319th last plane lostWard Ferguson, Sat May 26 09:58
      Paul, I have crew photos of the Osterberg crew who flew the unnamed B-24 in the raid on China on 7/15/1945. The plane crashed after the pre-dawn take-off with only two survivors, both of whom have... more
      • Lawrence J. TeallAnonymous, Mon Jul 12 08:59
        Hello, I'm the grandson of Charles L. Teall (died 1999) who was the brother of Lawrence J. Teall. My grandmother recently was given to her the metals (Purple Heart etc) awarded to the Lawrence Teall; ... more
        • Lawrence J. TeallWard Ferguson, Mon Jul 12 09:54
          You didn't mention your name so I can't locate your email address; mine is wferguson11@cox.net. I'd like to send you a labeled crew photo to see if I have gotten the correct names to the crew... more
          • Lawrence J. TeallMike Montesano, Mon Jul 12 10:04
            Sir, I'm extremely thankful for your information. I just started to learn about Lawrence J. Teall the other day, while doing research into my grandpa's family. I'm so thrilled to learn about his... more
        • Lawrence J. TeallMike Montesano, Mon Jul 12 09:00
          Hello, I'm the grandson of Charles L. Teall (died 1999) who was the brother of Lawrence J. Teall. My grandmother recently was given to her the metals (Purple Heart etc) awarded to the Lawrence Teall; ... more
    • PictureBob Tupa, Sun Apr 29 21:41
      Paul, Speaking of pictures, is there a chance you can take a photo in the hallway of the command complex of the group painting or print of the 90th in WWII. My grandfather was in it standing in front ... more
      • PicturePaul Bobenmoyer, Fri May 25 11:23
        Sir; I would be more than happy to. I will see what I can do and get one as soon as I can
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