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Author: Michele (Perricelli) LoPresti
Subject: Michael Perricelli 400th?
Date: Sat Mar 10, 2007 22:14

My father, <b>Michael Perricelli</b>, was stationed in Nashville in 1942 and from there shipped to the Pacific with the 90th /400th bomb group...I think.
I have pictures of him holding Tojo the Monkey and in a few different squadron shots.
I cannot see the tail but his crew mates all wear leather jackets and I can see an <b>058</b>, I believe, on the front. I know I have seen an article that mentions that my father took part in a rescue mission in the Pacific in a special rescue squad, but that on their first mission they themselves had to be rescued.
I would greatly apprieciate any information that anyone could share about this crew.
And if any one remembers my father that would be great!
My daughter has just begun an Andrews Sisters revival group and wants to honor her 'Pops'.
Some of his crewmates names were:
<b>Lee M. Shelton</b>
<b>Walter J. Davis</b>
<b>Gerald E. Sandy</b>
<b>Thomas H. Stewart</b>
<b>Herbert E. Rockwell</b>
<b>Hugh D. Stephenson</b>
<b>W.E. Gatewood</b>
Thank you so very much!
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