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Message No. 702
Subject: B24 Wreck Nth Qld
Date: Wed Oct 11, 2006 20:43

Does anyone have any information at all in regards to a B24 Liberator that crashed at Bathurst Bay, on the eastern coastal side of Far North Queensland, Australia?

Any information would be extremely helpful?

Email - ironrange189@hotmail.com
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    • Re: B24 Wreck Nth QldDenis Samin, Thu Oct 12 09:10
      THERE was one inland from Weipa Mick, heard about it when I was working for Comalco, its a known wreck. Bathurst Bat from recollection is north of Cooktown bur I'll check. Never heard of a wreck in... more
      • Re: B24 Wreck Nth QldAnonymous, Thu Oct 12 16:58
        The B17 that is at Weipa, is heavily recorded. The B24 Liberator at Bathurst Bay, east coast Far North Qld, is a mystery. Can anyone help??
        • Bathurst Baymick, Thu Nov 1 06:10
          It could be quite possible that no B24 Liberator crashed at Bathurst Bay at all, and was mistaken for the DC that did crash at Bathurst Bay which is also heavily recorded. No further information has... more
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