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Message No. 665
Author: earl hainline
Subject: obtaining service record
Date: Fri Jun 9, 2006 07:49

you can go to the national archives website where it will have some info....things you will need before you go there are his service number and his ssn.you can order a copy of his service record using some of the links there.you can also see his enlistment record (when he signed up).the military records may require you to fill out a form 180....they offer a download of this form.....and all requests must be in writing...and they may need a copy of your birth cert. for next of kin request.....using the freedom of information act....a good person to ask about this would be bob tupa...he's been a great help to me
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  • It's me again....still looking for grandfather...Cherilyn Olson, Tue May 23 20:13
    It's been 2 years since you sent me that picture (of a Don A. McDonald and his squadron) but we don't know if it is him. The picture is blurry and I would like to know where it came from so that I... more
    • obtaining service record — earl hainline, Fri Jun 9 07:49
      • infoPaul Gallagher, Mon Nov 6 16:43
        I am looking to contact Mr Bob Tupa, his name was given to me in regards to finding out more info on my dads service in the Jolly Rodgers. Please contact me at the above email. Thank you . Paul
        • contact infoBob Tupa, Tue Nov 7 07:51
          I will try to be of assistance.
      • infopaul gallagher, Mon Jul 24 12:51
        Sir I have been looking for info on my fathers service in the AAF without much success. I have used the Records center in St Louis, I had more info than they did, and other online resources. I have... more
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