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Message No. 494
Author: Fred Sardisco
Subject: Nick Covell
Date: Wed Mar 9, 2005 22:56

Hi Nick,I spoke with my dad today. Your uncle was the co-pilot on Maxwell's crew. The plane was returning from a mission. They had stopped at Wadke Island for fuel. They were instructed to fly back to Hollandia that night. It had been a long day for the crew. Going through a mountain pass on the way to Hollandia they were low and nearly struck the top of trees. Upon approaching the airfield, they were low again, struck the tree tops and crashed. The three rear gunners and a passenger were the only survivors. Also, their regular bombadier (Stewart) was not on this mission due to illness. A neice of your uncle with possibly the same last name as yours had visited my dad about a year ago. My dad went told her the complete story. She lives in Palos Verdes Calif. about ten miles from my dads house in San Pedro. Regards, Fred.
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  • Re: Nick CovellFred Sardisco, Tue Mar 8 01:10
    Hello Nick, Your uncle Nick, I believe, was the co-pilot on Maxwell,s crew (top row second from the right, under flight crews). I will speak with my dad, Vince Sardisco(bottom row second from right), ... more
    • Nick Covell — Fred Sardisco, Wed Mar 9 22:56
    • Nick CovellNick Wride, Tue Mar 8 19:59
      Thank you, Fred. Anything you can come up with will be helpful. I will wait to hear from you.
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