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Message No. 480
Subject: Iron Range photos
Date: Wed Feb 23, 2005 05:41

Further to my previous posting.

Does anybody out there have any photos of the B 24's, B 17's, and all other relevant material of Iron Range that they would be willing to email, send or copy for me.

All photos would be placed in an information board and also placed in a secure area of the Lockhart River library for all visitors to Iron Range today.

I am also chasing further photos of ;

B24 CONDOR - had to land on Quintall Beach, just near Iron Range. The under carriage (very little ) still sits there today.

B24 LITTLE EVA - before it crashed near Moonlight Creek, via Doomadgee Qld Australia.


and any other planes of any nature that attended Iron Range.

Please email

or send to

Michael Musumeci
Senior Constable of police
Lockhart River Police Station
Lockhart River Qld Australia 4871
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