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Subject: Iron Range
Date: Wed Feb 23, 2005 05:26

I have previously placed an article in Nov 04 and wish to further update this posting.

Today the completed Memorial Wall, including 5 bronzed plaques and 4 flagpoles has been erected at Iron Range Airport, Cape York, Queensland, Australia.

To all veterans, family members, decendants and persons of all USAF and US defence units that experienced or is aware of Iron Range during WW2 this is your official invitation to attend to this dedication and commemeration of the Iron Range Memorial Wall. You are all invited.

On the 25th April 2005, fully planned and organised, will be a dedication and unvieling of this Memorial Wall for all US and Australian defence and civilian units that operated at Iron Range during W.W.2.

The plaques dedicate all Australian and US units as well as 2 tragic aircraft incidents that killed 21 US servicemen at this location. 2 B-24 Bombers exploded during take off on two separte occasions. One bomber was named "Bombs to Nippon" and the other name was unknown.

There will also be planned tours of the existing concrete bunkers, anti aircraft concrete placements, and Aboriginal traditional dancing performed on this date.

This will be the first Anzac Day ever to be performed, which will be a very moving and emotional event. It is expected that a substantial amount of VIP's will be attending to this event, as well as a large community of Lockhart River supporting this event.

Again I ask if any veterans or persons who are willing to supply any photos, research, information or anything whatsoever on Iron Range I would be extremely grateful. I accept photocopies etc or if need be I will send anything back if required. This information will be placed in the Lockhart River library and also utilised for the children of the local school.

I would also like to state that I have also recieved formal letters from the commanding officers of todays USAF Units that were based at Iron Range 60 years ago, expressing their thanks and kind words to be read out on the 25th April 2005 at the dedication.

If anyone wishes any words to be expressed on the day commemerating these heros, please send letters or emails etc to the following address.

Michael Musumeci
Senior Constable of Police
Lockhart River Police Station
Lockhart River Qld Australia 4871


This event has created a lot of positive community spirit and also incorporated alot of businesses and community members to donate alot of money, time and positive steps to never forget this area for what is was.

As an Australian I thank the American contingent for their heroic efforts in guarding this country like their own so many years ago.

This wall has been implemented to ensure such heroic efforts will never be forgotten. If anyone requires any further official invitations please dont hesitate to notify me.

Again, I apoligise for the ay of the invite, but I think this may be the only way to try and notify so many people.

If anyone requires any photos of the dedication to be placed on other websites, photos of Iron Rnage today etc etc again, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

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