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Subject: 319th
Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 19:24

Dear Richard I am Intrested if there is any memtion or phot of my late father M/sgt. Lemuel Mitchell. he serve in the 319th from start to finish any info would be appreciated, as he was killed at Turner air force base when I was 11. Thanks Jim Mitchell
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  • ASTERPERIOUSAnonymous, Mon Jul 15 00:36
    I just recieved a lot of paper work and pictures from a very good friend who was a Pearl Harbor Survivor and was a memember of the Jolly Rogers.His name was Donald O Englund and past away on June... more
    • My Grandfather...Harry millerTim Miller, Fri Dec 9 14:17
      I would be curious to see if any info is there on my grandfather Harry J. Miller. He too was with the 319th the whole way. Think he flew on the Asterperious as well. Engineer I believe? Thanks. Tim
    • 319th — jim mitchell, Wed Jan 28 19:24
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