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Message No. 196
Author: Barry Ralph
Subject: Little Eva.
Date: Fri Jun 20, 2003 00:43

Bonnie, My book concentrates on the crash and the search. I have corresponded with 90th Bomb Group veterans and have the offical reports from Grady Gaston and Norman Crosson. I have recieved the support from the families of Arthur Speltz, Loy Wilson and Grady Gaston and numerous people involved in the original search. I have been to the wreck site. I would very much like to contact other family members of the original crew. The book will be published next year, but there is still time for additions and corrections. Any new information, photos etc would be appreciated.
My Email address is jralph@vtown.com.au
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  • Little EvaBonnie Dilworth, Fri Jun 20 00:21
    Barry, Tell me what you have so far so that I do not give you duplicate information. Bonnie
    • Little Eva. — Barry Ralph, Fri Jun 20 00:43
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