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Message No. 193
Author: Ray W. Smeltzer
Subject: Award of Silver Star
Date: Sat Jun 14, 2003 08:38

After what seems a tremendous struggle by two teen agers in Kentucky, Jim Case, the Bombardier on Currie's Crew was awarded a Silver Star for a mission we were on on January 21, 1943 over Ambon. Those teen agers acting on their own inititive worked very hard and were determined to get the awards. It should be noted that I received the same award on January 11, 1982,the day before my 82nd birthday, almost a full year and a half before Jim, so you can see the struggle the pair, brother and sister, put up. As far as we know, Jim and I are the only Survivors of the Crew from that Mission. If anyone else knows of any other living members, please let me know.
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