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Message No. 180
Author: Richard Brown
Subject: Biak picture
Date: Sat May 17, 2003 09:08

Gentlemen, I was looking at your site featuring pictures at Biak Island. Photo #12 shows three men stanting in front of a cemetary on Biak. Can anyone identify the man on the left with the cap bill turned up? It looks like my father, James Walter Brown, who was with Graves Registration on Biak. He buried 989 men in the cemetary during the time he was there. He then exhumed all the bodies for reburial near the end of the war. Dad died in 1997 at home in east Tennessee. I have many pictures from his time on Biak. I would appreciate anyone in your group who might have know him letting me know. Thanks.
Richard Brown
Germantown, TN
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    • Picture IDBob Tupa, Sun May 18 06:53
      If you are referring to picture 12 under the assorted 90th BG pictures Page 1, the person on the left with the ball cap bill turned up is my grandfather Norman Lawler who was the group adjutant and... more
      • Re: Picture IDAnonymous, Mon May 19 08:25
        Thanks for the info Bob. Your grandfather and my dad had a distinct resemblance.
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