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Message No. 152
Author: Larry E. Looby
Subject: 321st/400th
Date: Wed Jan 15, 2003 11:54

My uncle S/Sgt Thomas C. Sippel aka Sipp was a radio gunner on Maj Cecil Faulkner's plane, in the 321st BS. They were the first few planes to arrive at the Iron range air field. I do not know the name of the plane but the crew names were W. Fitzpatrick of IL. S. Ellis of Cleveland,OH. H. Cross of Peoria, IL. J. Phelan of Peoria, IL. and P. Abromovich of PA. My Cousin 2Lt William F. Sippel aka Will was a co-pilot aboard the plane that crashed on take off at the Iron Range on Nov 16, 1942. The Pilot was the intel officer Capt Larson. We do not know the name of his plane.
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  • 321st or 400th Squadron PhotosMOSCINSKI, Mon Aug 5 15:22
    My father in law was a gunner (I believe) in the 321st or 400th. MITCHELL MOSCINSKI - I have photos, please, please email me to see if you recognize... Christine Moscinski cmoscinski2000@yahoo.com
    • 321st/400th — Larry E. Looby, Wed Jan 15 11:54
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