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Message No. 13
Author: Frosty
Subject: I found some pictures
Date: Wed Jan 30, 2002 19:16

My grandmother passed away afew years ago. While we were going through her things I found a number of picturebooks full of old WWII pictures from my grandfather's time there. A number of the pictures he has are from nose art on B-24's and B-29's.

I know he was in the pacific theather as a B-29 pilot. His name is Foy Benson Frost but that's about all I know. I am looking for any information anybody may have. I'd like to learn a little more about his life and death. Here are some of the name of the planes in the pictures:

Ruby's Ricksha
Maid in the USA
Spedy Steede
c-46 The pregnant pourpoise
Belle Wringer
Classy Chassis
Queen Mae
Mamma Duck
Booby Trap
Jean II
Lila's Mar ..the 2nd

...there are lots and lots of these and picture sof other subjects. Some are actyual combat photo's etc. Can anyone tell me anything? What air wing did these planes belong to../the 90th? Where did they see action in the war? Any information would really be appreciated!

Scott Frost
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