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Author: cherieclark
Subject: Booby Trap
Date: Thu Jul 19, 2018 22:55
IP: 2600:8804:1e84:ffaa:ada5:2227:87bd:454

My Dad Arthur D Hoffman painted Booby Trap. He was with the Jolly Rogers from 44-45 as Photo-recon, may have been in the 400th. Not sure, how records are mostly gone and reconstructing is a challenge.

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  • Re: Booby TrapAnonymous, Sat Apr 14 08:47
    This plane is shown in the Nose Art Section as "Miss Jolly Rogers". It had "Booby Trap" on the other side.Here are two other sites that have some info about the plane.... more
    • Booby Trap — cherieclark, Thu Jul 19 22:55
    • respondingLeon F. Spangler, Sat Apr 14 14:58
      To Mr. Anonymous person, Thank you for the info and two websites to check. I bought the beautiful little plane last year and love it. I can only imagine flying missions in it as my dad did. Leon... more
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