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Message No. 1123
Author: ron towson
Subject: texas terror
Date: Thu Jan 19, 2017 23:54

There is an interview with Carl Seibur Jr. on youtube which highlights some of the mystery/controversy surrounding the crash.
There are also some good photos easily found by entering "images" and "texas terror" on google, also look into the website oz at war under aircraft wrecks, Queensland for more details.
I have climbed to the wreck site and it is more or less complete, although smashed to blazes as one would expect, so many easily recognizable parts etc...... one heck of a climb though.
There is a lot of information available from the library of one US University where one of the crew members attended, as well as many artifacts in there collection.
I would be pleased to pass along more detailed info if you'd like, just saw your post and thought I'd touch base.
My address is rontowson@hotmail.com
Good luck
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