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Subject: B24 Pretty Baby
Date: Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:49

My grandfather is Paul Richmond - a crew member in a B24 called "Pretty Baby." He was in 13th Air Force. He was originally from West Virginia and passed away in 2003. I would really like to correspond with anyone he may have served. Please send a note.

Col Mike Monti, USMC
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  • Image of Pretty Babypackrat, Wed Nov 19 20:21
    I know this is an old post but if anyone has a copy of the 90th Bomb Group, 321st Squadron, B-24 Pretty Baby and crew, please send me a scan if possible. I have one showing the crew in front of Nose... more
    • B24 Pretty Baby — Col Mike Monti, Sat Feb 21 11:49
    • Re: Image of Pretty BabyAnonymous, Thu Nov 20 01:13
      I don't have a photo of Pretty Baby with the crew, but I have an excellent photo of Pretty Baby in flight. Let me know if you'd like that one.
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