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Message No. 11
Author: T. I. McLaughlin
Subject: Lt. T. C. McLaughlin, KIA 11 Nov., 1943
Date: Sun Jan 27, 2002 02:01

First off, I'm really happy to see that the Jolly Rogers have a new home on the web. Kudos to Mr. Gray.
I'm looking for anyone that may have served with/ known Lt. McLaughlin or any details about his service as a bombardier in the 321st BS. St. Louis was no help at all and all the info I've been able to compile has been sketchy at best. He was killed in a crash at Port Moresby on 11 November, 1943 after an aborted run to Rabaul. He wasn't with his usual crew that day, so I have no idea who his commander was or what crew he normally flew with. If there's anyone with any kind of info about him or his time with the 90th, please let me know. I would be forever grateful. And for those that served in the SWPTO (as well as other theaters), thank you for all that you did in saving the world.
Best Regards,
T. I. McLaughlin
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