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Message No. 1031
Author: Johnny Signor
Subject: Wally's Wagon
Date: Thu Jan 26, 2012 02:04

Hello Drew , try posting you note on this site , b24 bestweb.com, B24.NET
Also Army Air Forces.com

Good luck !
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  • Wally's Wagon?Drew Dorman, Sat May 1 18:24
    Does anyone have any information on a B-24 named Wally's Wagon? I met a gentleman name Truman Waldrup who said he flew in this particular B-24. I am interested in surprising him with a model of this... more
    • Wally's Wagon — Johnny Signor, Thu Jan 26 02:04
    • Wally's WagonMike Davis, Wed Jan 25 17:15
      The only Wally's Wagon I know about was a B-17. My dad, Wally, was the pilot.
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