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Message No. 10
Author: Jack Demcovich
Subject: Operations Order DA/G1/5
Date: Thu Jan 24, 2002 06:30

With much thanks to Ray Smeltzer for his help.
Ray sent me a copy of this order. I would like to find out more detail about this order. Where would I go to get more in-depth info? I would also like to find a picture of the plane used for this mission in FLYING condition. I believe the plane was named "One Time". In the order it was designated Plane M869.
This is some of the info on this order:
Mission number2
Pursuant to Operations Order DA/G1/5, Plane M869, of the 319 th Bombardment Squadron (H) Conducted a photographic reconnsissance mission on March 13, 1943, the primary objects being shipping and airport facilities at Soeraaya, Java and Den Pasar, Bali.
I have not been able to find a picture of this plane in flying condition anywhere. I do have one of it crashed, after a different mission.
Is there a U.S. Army website that would have more info on this plane and this mission?
Thank you, Jack Demcovich
Son of:
Demcovich, John C., S/Sgt,He was a Top Turret Gunner and an Aerial Engineer and flew with the 90th. Bomb Group, 319th. Jolly Roger Squadron
His Pilots name was Arant, the Radio Operators name was Cummings.
The Silver Star was Awarded to the entire Crew for this 14 hour Recon mission from a Base near Darwin up towards the Philippines.
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