The following account of activities comes from the personal diary of Lt. Merle B. Winne, pilot of Pappy's Passion, serial# 42-100222, retranscribed and contributed by his grandson, Kenneth Rueben.

It is said that the plane was named for Lt. Winne due to the fact he was so much older than the rest of the pilots in his graduating class that he received the nickname "Pappy". He was 27 at the time!

22 November 1944 - Left the USA from Fairfield California about 2200 to fly to John Rodgers Airfield on Oahu Island, Hawaii. Finley and I flew the airplane on C-1 all night long while Dietz navigated. A marvelous job. We saw the sun come up the following morning and hit Oahu Island on the nose. Arrived at John Rodgers about 1030 L.C. T. They fed us a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and we hit the sack to rest for two days. (Time 13:15)

25 November 1944 We took off from John Rodgers Field about 0600 L.C.T. to fly to Canton Island via Palmyra, and Landed at Canton about 1600 L.C. T. We were assigned a shack, ate, went swimming in the lagoon and hit the sack. (Time 7:16)

26 November 1944 We left Canton Island early the next morning headed for Tarawa. We had no trouble and landed at Tarawa after crossing the International Date Line (gaining a day) in mid-afternoon. (Time 5:28) We had time to look around the island and see the Jap blockhouse which was used for headquarters, and a few of the dug outs that the Marines took care of so well a year before.

27 Nov 1944 Left Tarawa for Guadalcanal making a dogleg trip to avoid Jap held island, which Corsairs from Tarawa had bombed the night before. We carried no ammunition. We landed at Guadalcanal without difficulty on a 4500-ft. strip (time 5:13)

28 Nov. 1944 Tried to take off the following morning (28th) or Biak, but had a runaway turbo on #2. The waste gate motor was out. So we had three days to look around the island and got our first immense view of the supplies Uncle Sam has in he Pacific.

1 Dec. 1944 Left Guadalcanal early for Biak Island which was to be our final resting place and the Airdrome where we were to deliver our new airplane. We went by way of Finchhaven, New Guinea and up the North coast where we encountered a tropical front and flew in rain and rough weather for 2½ hours. We were blown off course 100 miles but Dietz somehow got us to Biak where they gave us a receipt for the airplane. What a blow (time 7:54)

1 Dec. 1944 Spent three days at Biak enjoying the damn coral rocks in our tent. Also tried out our new .45’s in a cave formerly occupied by dead Japs.

4 December 1944 Left Biak for Nadzab New Guinea via A.T.C. (C-47). This was our first passenger ride and we sacked and played black jack all the way. The C-47 Pilot made a four bounce landing and woke us up. We were attached to the F.E.A.F. C.R.T.C. for further training. We spent 19 days here, saw Lae, and a lot more supplies as well.

20 December 1944 Flew our first mission from Nadzab to Tobera airstrip flying #6 position. The lead bombardier screwed things up by making too short o’ run but Hanrihan came through with three hits on the runway. The only hits made. The airstrip was located on New Britain Island south of Rabaul. Coming back we saw an immense convoy near Finchhaven, rumored to be heading to Luzon. (Time 5:25)

23 December 1944 Left New Guinea from Lae via A.T.C. for Biak to assignment to Jolly Rogers Squadron. We rode in a C-46 pulling a glider. Finley and I flew as Co-Pilot as the regular one was sick. We landed at Wakde Island for refueling and continued on into Biak where we were assigned to Squadron 319 of Jolly Rogers 90th Bomb. Group. One of the crews gave us beer and gave us a warm welcome followed by a good supper.

25 December 1944 Enjoyed good Christmas of carol singing, movies and U.S.O. show and turkey dinner. Prefer to forget this Christmas as we made plans for getting home by the next one.

31 December 1944 Today we left Biak and flew to Mindanao Island to bomb a revetment where a Jap plane was reported. We had a 12-ship formation and flew #3 in the last Squadron. We missed our target. Total time 12:05. Oh yes, the airstrip and revetment was a Padada.

6 January 1945 Our second mission was to Mindanao Island again to hit an underground storage depot. We carried 5, 1000 lb. Bombs. (General Purpose) All five bombs hit the target. The target was Matina, south of Davao City. We made tow runs over the target as the bombsight went out on our lead ship. We flew #5 position. Total time 12:00. We were hit by ack ack and got a hole in our right landing flap. Nothing serious.

22 January 1945 We’We've been doing practically nothing for the past two weeks but lay in our sacks. We’ve been told we were moving to Mindoro so we had to tear down our newly built shack. Today we went on what we believe to be our last mission from Biak to Sassa Airdrome on Mindanao. We were to hit the already wrecked intersection of the two runways. Our five 1000 pounders hit on the right of the intersection but the mission was called successful. We flew a twelve-ship group formation flying #2 in the lead squadron. Total time 13:00.

27 January 1945 We drew a ferry mission today. Ferrying some ground crew men from the 320th up to Mindoro was our assignment. We got up at 0100, ate and flew on up stopping at Morotai. While at Mindoro (our new base) Finley got a wing tip, but only took off the starboard recognition light. We came back via the same route stopping at Morotai again to refuel. The weather had been perfect but an hour out from Biak, we ran into a 1-A tropical storm. We guessed at our position as Deitz had only D.A. computations. We were lost somewhere close to Biak and flew, altogether, four hours in rain, wind and lightning. We were in contact with Lordship tower and finally got a D.F. to the station. The storm finally gave the ground a 3000-ft. ceiling so we came on down through and landed. Hope I never see another storm like this one. Total working time, 27 hours. Total flying time 31:30. No combat credit.

31 January 1945 Took off this morning from Biak with a load of cement and steel pipe for our new base at Mindoro. We took off in bad weather and it kept getting worse. Lightning played around the props so we returned to Biak. Total time 3:30 No combat credit.

1 February 1945 Another ferry mission from Biak to Mindoro via Morotai. Trip uneventful. We stayed at Mindoro until the 4th and returned.

5 February 1945 Took off from Biak with full crew and baggage for permanent transfer to Mindoro. We set up our tent and hit the sack. (Time 7:15)

6 February 1945 Ran our first mission out of Mindoro to Corregidor (The Rock) We flew a 24 ship formation and flew the slot lead in #2 squadron. We carried 8, 1000 lb. Demo’s and had 80% coverage on the target (A water tank) We saw smoke rising up to 12000 over Manila presumably bombed by the 13th AF. We had no interception and no flak. (Total time 3:30)

9 February 1945 Today we ran two missions to the “Rock”, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We carried 8-1000 lb. Demos each time (total 16-1000’s). We hit the target both times; two gun emplacements. We heard the rumor that the smoke we saw over Manila was the Japs burning the town up. (Time 5:40)

13 February 1945 We took off from Mindoro today to intercept a Jap convoy consisting of two aircraft battleships, one cruiser and three destroyers. We had a 36 ship formation and flew #3 position in the second squadron. We located the target under an overcast. We could not see it and could not bomb by radar because of an American sub close by. We all carried 3-2000 LB demos or 108 tons of bombs. We had P-38 and P-51 cover. We had to waste all the bombs by salvo in the water twenty minutes from the target (Time 10:40).

15 February 1945 We flew a mission today up to Cavite on the Bataan Peninsula. We flew a 24-ship formation and flew #3 in the 3rd Squadron. We all carried 40- 260 lb. Frag. Bombs, or 960 bombs. Total weight 124 tons. We ran our mission as ground support for the invasion of Bataan. We saw battleships shelling Corregidor, but the real show started as soon as we bombed. We left immediately (total time 4:30).

18 February 1945 No mission today but just for memory’s sake, I thought I would write down the first fatality since our entering the squadron. Major Porter our C.O. led a 24-ship formation over Formosa and was hit by flak. His ship spiraled from 13000 down to about 2000 then blew up. He took with him a squadron bombardier, a radar bombardier and 10 others (13 in all).

19 February 1945 Our mission today took us to Formosa. The Jap stronghold of the east. Our primary and secondary targets were overcast so we had to bomb our itinerary. We carried 12 clusters of 20 lb. Frags (20 frags. in a cluster or 240 frags.) We got 50% coverage on the target and flew #3 position in #4 squadron. (Time 9:40) Target was barracks area at Koshen.

24 February 1945 Today was a fairly rough mission. We went to Takao, Formosa to get the Nippon Aluminum works. Just about fifteen minutes after takeoff, our squadron’s lead ship, Lt. Brouns’, lost all its electrical power due to a radar short. Four of his men had to bail out and he just made the edge of the runway with the rest. Well the target was hit by 40% coverage. We flew a 24-ship formation with six other ships trailing behind of the 380th. We carried 8-1000 lb. Demos and 2- 500 lb. Incendiaries. We flew #3 ship in the 3rd squadron. I flew the bombing run and really was a busy boy dodging flak and staying with the squadron. Our lead ship (Lt. Van Arsdale of Pueblo) got a hole in his #4 engine but it kept running. Our #2 man (Lt. Sbbracia) also got a hole some where. (Time 10:05).

27 February 45 Takao, Formosa today. We have orders to destroy the town a section a day. We hit the water front section and got 100% coverage. We flew a 24 ship formation and flew the slot in #4 squadron. We carried 12- 500lb demos. (288- 500 pounders or 72 tons) We had a four-minute bomb run. Finley flew it. (Time 10:10) Some flak but no hits.

2 March 1945 Had a long mission today from Minoro to the North tip of Formosa. We went to Matsugama Air Strip carrying 9 clusters of 20 lb. Frags. (20 frags. to a cluster) We were to get as many airplanes as possible. Major Robeck led the 321st squadron and the group. We made our run over the target but did not drop any bombs. Flak was moderate but accurate. Then we made a 180-Degree turn and dropped our bombs on the reciprocal of the briefed heading. During this run Lt. Van Arsdale lost his #1 engine so we all slowed up to stay with him. We flew #2 ship in the 2nd Squadron and Finley flew the bomb run. We took off before sun up, landed after dark (Time 13:10).

6 March 1945 Two missions today. We gave ground support to troops around Antipolo, Luzon. We flew a squadron formation only. We flew the slot lead and dropped 8- 1000 lb. Demos on caves, etc, the Japs were in. Hit the target both times. Finn flew the 1st run, I flew the 2nd. (Time 7:40).

10 March 1945 We flew a mission to Zamboanga, Mindanao today. It was invasion day for Mindanao and we dropped 144- 1000 lb. Demos on an area target (coverage 35%) just before the invasion started. We watched the Warships shelling the island and saw a direct hit on an oil storage tank. Very impressive, with about 100 ships waiting to take men ashore. We flew the slot (#4) in #3 squadron. I flew the bombing run. (Time 6:15).

14 March 1945 We flew to the town of Mako today in the Peseadores Islands off the West Coast of Formosa. We flew lead ship in the #4 squadron and carried 8- 1000 LB demos. “Han” got 80% coverage on the target. Light flak, inaccurate. Finn flew the run (Time 10:50).

17 March 1945 Formosa again today. Our primary target was Toyohara (Barracks and warehouse area). It was socked in so we hit Tainan and got 100% coverage. We carried 12- 500 lb. Demos and flew #2 in the lead squadron. We had flak trailing us but none hit us. Finn flew the run (Time 12:00) WE came back on 28 and 1600 due to low fuel caused by climbing to 15,000 feet.

22 March 1945 Today we went to Formosa’s largest and best defended town, Okayama. We carried 40- 260 LB frags. WE were supposed to hit airplane dispersal areas but something happened to the lead bombardier and we hit a village five miles short. More flak than we’ve ever seen but inaccurate. Five puffs went off near us and caused damage and holes to three other ships in our squadron but didn’t touch us. We flew #2 in the fourth squadron. Finn flew the run (Time 10:00)

25 March 1945 We went to Legaspi today in Southern Luzon on a ground support mission. We flew the slot in the #1 squadron. Carried 4-2000 lb. Demos. Bombed by radar and momentarily separated from the squadron in the overcast. I flew the run. (Time 4:30) No flak. Results unobserved.

28 March 1945 We flew to Fakao, Formosa today. We did Mickey (Radar) bombing due to overcast. We flew the slot lead in #3 squadron. We carried 8- 1000 lb. Demos. I flew the run. Results unobserved. (Time 9:30)

1 April 1945 Today marked the fourth time we were sent out to support an invasion. We went to Legaspi Luzon. The others being Mariveles Luzon, Corregidor, and Zamboanga Mindanao. We carried 24- 260 lb. Frags and were to hit the beach and nearby water to explode any land mines the infantry might encounter. All our bombs went into the water close to shore. Our gunners strafed as we went in at 2800 feet. We flew #4 in #3 squadron. Finn flew the run (Time 4:05).

5 April 1945 We went to Kurin Formosa today on the northeast coast, which is a big naval base. There was reported to be lots of ships there, but it was heavily overcast so we bombed by H2X? naturally, not knowing our results. We flew in stratus clouds most of the time, which made flying tough, but made it O.K. I flew the run (Time 12:00).

10 April 1945 We took off today to bomb revetments containing planes at Tainaan Airdrome on Formosa. However, the weather cut us off and we couldn’t get that far north so had to pick out a target of opportunity which was Koshiin on the southern tip of Formosa. We got 100% on a visual run. We carried 180- 0 lb. Bombs (frags). Finn flew the run (Time 9:30) We flew the slot in the lead Squadron.

16 April 1945 Intelligence found out that planes from Northern Formosa were playing rough with the boys on Okinawa, so our mission today was to destroy these planes. They were presumed to be taking off from Matsugama but no planes could be spotted at the Matsugama field, so they were found in a nearby town called Taihoku. Thirty planes from our group and as many from three other groups hit the town with 180- 20 lb. frags each. We got 100% coverage on the town. Finn flew the run. (Time 11:50)

23 April 1945 Saigon, French Indo China was our target today. The first time to China for us. We carried 6- 1000 lb. Demos and flew the slot in #2 squadron. Our bombs were perfect. We got several warehouses and dock facilities, one direct hit on a 3500-ton cargo ship, an oil storage tank, and an ammunition dump. We saw several large explosions, which resulted in smoke ranging up to 4500 ft. A total success. I flew the run. (Time 12:00).

24 April 1945 Made first pilot today. Am taking over Lt. Killougis’ crew with Joe Flanigan as Co-Pilot. We await our next mission.

26 April 1945 Today was my first mission with my new crew. We went to Saigon flying #6 in #3 squadron. We carried 6- 1000 lb. G.p.’s and hit the target on the nose, bombing by elements. My Navigator, Lt. Fewell did the toggling but the racks hung up. However, he salvoed in time to hit the target. I flew the run. (Time 12:25).

3 May 1945 Another mission to Saigon. This time I flew #3 in the third squadron. We went after oil storage tanks and carried 30- 100-lb. Demos (g.p.) to do it. Our element couldn’t see the target on the first run and had to make the second. We missed it on the second run due to clouds but our second element got 100%. My command and V.H.F sets went out before getting to the target so I had radio silence from then on. (Time 13:00) Oh yes, the oil storage tanks belonged to Standard Oil (Socony) and Shell Co’s.

9 May 1945 Today we went to the White Cloud Airdrome about 20 miles north of Canton, China. We carried 30- 120 lb. Frag. Clusters (180- 20-LB bombs) to get airplanes parked in revetments there. It was a Mickey run, but the target opened up just as bombs away and it looked as though we missed. I flew the run in #5 position flying in a squadron and group diamond. (Time 12:10)

13 May 1945 Today we went to French Indo China to get a railroad bridge North and West of Saigon. We carried 5- 1000 lb. Demos. I flew #5 position in the lead squadron. Lt. Greene flew as bombardier with me and we made individual runs on the bridge. We made two runs apiece dropping two and then three bombs. Greene got one shack and four near misses. (Time 10:55).

18 May 1945 Today we were assigned to knock out with frags. (300- 120 LB clusters) three Jap airplanes at the Taicher Airdrome. On the way up we saw a direct hit on a B-24 over Tainan. It blew up with a great flash and no one stood a chance. We also heard another ship frantically giving his position as he was backing out his crew. He had two engines shot out and was losing altitude fast. (A “cat” landed just off Formosa and picked up two of his men before we left Formosa). We proceeded on to our target and encountered lots of flak along with some phosphorous flak. My ship was the only one with a flack hole however (A small one in the right elevator) Immediately after leaving the target the 380th came in for their run on the same target. One of their ships was shot down over the target. A total of three 24’s lost in a short time. I flew #2 position in the lead squadron and flew the run myself. (Time 11:05).

22 May 1945 Today we were assigned to go to Kiirun Formosa carrying 5- 1000 lb. Demos. Due to weather however, we could not reach the target. We used our second alternate of military barracks and installations at Toshien Formosa. Due to a C-1 failure in our lead ship, we had to make two runs over the target getting very light flak both times. We flew #3 in the #3 squadron. Joe flew the run. On take off here at the field before daylight, Lt. Hurd and his crew crashed into the sea just off the end of the runway. The Co-pilot and one gunner were saved after the ship exploded. The Co-pilot was unscratched but the gunner had a broken back. I was pallbearer today for the three bodies that were recovered.

29 May 1945 To Kiirun again today. This time we made it as the weather was perfect. Three squadrons flew 8 ships (30 total). We carried 5- 1000 lb. Demos. And got 100% on the target. I flew #2 in the 2nd. Squadron and flew the run myself with “Pappy’s Passion) Intense flak and accurate. (Time 11:30).

31 May 1945 Taikuko Formosa today. We carried 9 clusters of 6- 90 lb. Frags. We went after flak positions but missed. I flew #6 in #4 squadron. (Purple Heart Corner!) Joe flew the run. Flak was heavy, intense and accurate. Every ship but one in the squadron collected hoses. No one hurt- all returned. Time 11:40).

2 June 1945 We went to Hosan Formosa today carrying 5 1000 lb. Demos. We got 100% coverage on our target of warehouses and alcohol distilleries. I flew #3 in the #2 squadron and was the only ship to receive two holes of the light flak. Had a little worry for awhile when #2 and #4 engines lost oil pressure to 65 lbs. Came thru O.K. though without feathering. Joe flew the run. (Time 9:15)

5 June 1945 Today we went to Asa Airdrome in Borneo. I flew a new ship and tried out the formation stick. (Nice but to delicate) We carried 5- 1000 lb. Demos and got 100% on the grass strip. I flew #3 in the 3rd squadron. Joe flew the run. We ran into lots of weather on the way back and had a small worry with gas but made it O.K. No flak, no enemy sightings. (Time 12:10).

13 June 1945 Toshien Formosa today. We flew #6 in the 3rd squadron. We carried 4- 1000 lb. Demos but the target was covered and we bombed by H2X? All our bombs missed and went in the water. (Time 11:00)

16 June 1945 Takao Formosa today with 4- 1000 lb. Demos. We flew #2 in the lead squadron. Trip was uneventful. 100% One flak hole. (Time 10:40).

19 June 1945 To Balikpapen, the Phoesti of the east, today. It’s not as tough as it used to be. We carried 4- 1000 lb. Demos flying #3 in #2 squadron. We got 100% coverage. No flak. (Time 12:15).

6 July 1945 To Ryutan Formosa today. We carried 30- 100 lb. Clusters flying #6 in #2 squadron. Our target was one disabled Jap airplane. We got it. Weather good. (Time 12:30).

13 July 1945 (Friday!) Canton China today flying #3 in #2 squadron. We carried 8- 500 lb. Demos and made two Mickey runs with black and white flak all around. One ship was holed (Time 12:20).

15 July 1945 Canton China again today. Had lots of weather to contend with and spent 0:50 over the target on H2X?. Finally got our bombs away in good shape. Coming back, our field at Mindoro was socked in so we had to land at Boeax tower at Clark Field to spend the night. Finally got home the next day. (Mission time 12:20, Ferry time 2:30).

22 July 1945 Took off today for Okinawa to land, spend the night and fly a mission to Japan on the 23rd (Time 6:15) 23 July 1945 Got up at 0400 to go to Kuri Japan to get two battleships, two carriers, 5 heavy cruisers and a lot of destroyers. We could not get our 2000 pounders loaded in time so did not go. I spent the rest of the day trying to look up Ray. Finally found his tent, only to find out that he had moved to Mindoro.

24 July 1945 Took off from Okinawa on mission to Shanghai. Once again we had lots of weather and had to bomb by H2X? We had medium (light) accurate radar flak. Finally got into our own strip at Okinawa after circling because of weather for 2 hours. (Time 8:30)

25 July 1945 Returned to Mindoro to find out I had just finished my tour of combat. All I have to do now is wait for my replacement to go home. GREAT DAY!!!