2LT Howard Quentin Daniel

Howard Quentin Daniel entered the Air Corp. as a Flying Cadet in June of 1940, reporting to Ryan Field in San Diego California. He washed out as a pilot, but was later accepted as a bombardier cadet.

He was given his commission as 2LT and his wings, graduating with Class 42-9 Flight A at Kirkland Field Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 4th, 1942.

He was assigned to the “Jolly Rogers”, 319th Bomber Squadron, 90th Bomber Group Heavy.

In the photo, 2LT Daniel is in the 2nd row, the first one on the left.

As a good cartoonist, he probably painted the logo on the nose of their plane. According to the book "The Jolly Rogers" printed by John Sands Pty., the "Dirty Gertie" was one of the first planes painted, starting quite a fad.

The "Dirty Gertie" flew out of Australia and New Guinea. They did not return from their 13th mission.

2LT Howard Quentin Daniel died March 16th, 1943; memorialized at Manila American Cemetery, Fort Bonifacio Manila, Philippines. He is listed as buried at sea.

He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Air Medal.

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Profile provided by Gary Wells